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Dna? And?
Dna? And?

This is the debut album by Oslo based improv collective DNA? AND?, which consists of young people with Down syndrome and four professional musicians. Together they create a free musicality, unconstrained by rules and technical abilities.

Performed by: Vilja Ellefsen-Larsen, Vilde Erikstad, Stina Stjern, Sambou Samateh, Ola Skarsæterhagen, Mats Aase Henriksen, Liz Zelda Røyneberg, Lene Høie, Jonas Lie Hagen, Harald Fetveit, Bjarne Larsen, Anla Courtis

Recorded at Café Mir, Oslo in February 2019
Recording/editing: Harald Fetveit
Mix/mastering/design: Lasse Marhaug
Executive producer: Petter Flaten Eilertsen


13. Sep 2019 SATIMU004
UPC 7041889508686
PPD 75,-
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Pling Plong
1. Anchia Barte Bububu (00:20)
2. Oh Yeah, Baby (07:24)
3. Anchu Bewa Hada Badu Seo (04:01)
4. Anchu Wuseuseoo (06:46)
5. Iwi Siwi Siwi Beu (10:54)
6. Oheeyoowa Babygirl (11:33)
7. Owosha Showutshabauwoo (03:52)

1. Shoshia Woochiouway (09:16)
2. Owedwa (04:26)
3. Ooxciou Wixoowishu Motcho Poh (10:32)
4. Tchonsiu Wishu Wisha Wandeba (03:44)
5. Tchonsiu Wishenwend Tsiwetsi (11:36)
6. Adjoechu Wishen Djoechibu (08:06)
7. Inintsawakabewu Tchempengtchou (00:34)
8. Intsimin Tschawkamepetchuo (07:51)

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